We at H.P.S feel like we have perfected the art of pressure cleaning a house. From safely applying our landscape/environmentally friendly chemicals, to thoroughly and safely cleaning peaks, gutters,and hard to reach areas. Also, the way we thoroughly rinse all siding/windows throughout, and again upon completion of house wash. Ensuring all residual dirt, mold, debri is completely rinsed clean. Whether you have a mansion on Lake Michigan, or a mobile home in the city. We will treat your home with the same respect we treat our own.  Let us show you what a professional house wash looks like!

Roof Mold Removal

Your homes roof should be treated/maintained just like the rest of your exterior. Whether you have unsightly black streaks or build-up of moss on your roof. You are seeing black/green mold that needs to be cleaned. This mold grows from moisture, and then lack of sunlight. (typically seen on the north side of house/roofs). We have multiple ways of cleaning shingle, metal, and cedar shake roofs to ensure the integrity of your roof system stays in tact. Upon completion, a mold/mildew killer is applied to cleaned areas in order to prevent mold spores from regrowing. Trust the professionals at H.P.S to clean/maintain your roof. Call today for a free estimate.