We at H.P.S have been pressure cleaning and staining log homes for over 12 years.​  We have cleaned/restored over 50 log homes over that time period. You do not want to hire a novice for this type of detailed work. This is a very sophisticated process that can require different techniques depending on the condition of each log home. Either we pressure clean the surface of the logs or we sandblast the logs if old stain needs to be removed. (see below)  After the logs have completely dried out, we apply a high grade stain/sealer ensuring that moisture is locked out . Every log home is different, with different challenges. Some homes we brush the entire job, and others are sprayed then back-brushed into the wood logs. Whatever the challenge, we are up for the task.  Trust the professionals at H.P.S to take care of your biggest and most beautiful investment.

Log Home Restoration
Before & After Sandblasting off "old red solid stain"
           Staining/Sealing Log Home "in progress"