Your deck is not just a place to set your grill in the summertime.  Its an extension of your living space, and should be preserved and enjoyed for years of fun and fellowship with friends/family.  Although, for most homeowners its become an eyesore from years of neglect.  Your deck takes a beating during Michigans harsh winters and hot summers. In addition, the added dangers like slipping on wet mold, splinters, and wood cracking/rotting that occur as a result  from these elements. 
The most cost effective way to prevent this from happening is to pressure clean and stain/preserve your deck every 3 years.  We apply a biodegradeable cleaning solution followed by a complete and thorough powerwash of all wood areas.  Ensuring all dirt, mold, aged wood, and failing stain is completely removed.  It's extremely important to let the wood thoroughly dry out before applying wood stain/sealer.  After allowing sufficient drying time, we completely saturate all powerwashed wood with our premium stain/sealer locking out all moisture.  Ensuring that not only will your deck look great, but will be protected and preserved for years to come.
Deck CleaningandRestoration
         Before/After fence and concrete patio wash.
       Make your old grey deck look new again.
Cedartone, "golden brown" finish.
Honeytone, "lighter natural" finish.